Test, Testing, Tested

Labatus is a software company with a test profile.

Our Services

Labatus offer

Labatus has a history of working with software test since 2005. Today Labatus offers a wide range of services with software testing within Test Execution, Test Automation, Analytics, Education, Test Strategies and Test Development.

Labatus performs and develop conformity testing according to pre-defined specifications. Our Current Certification covers : Conax CA and Tele2 ID TV, Telenor Sweden IDTV, Allente IDTV for more information contact : tvtest@labatus.se


Labatus offers analytics tools using ML algorithm and standards to present customer data and performance.


Automated test suites can be developed for Media or other business.

We work and Educate with several tools and areas of test development.


Labatus can offer projects to define the test strategy as well as taking a complete commitment including activities like test management, test development, test execution etc.

About Us

Labatus is a software company with specialising in testing. We can offer expertise in the development of test strategies and test methodology and have extensive experience in test automation and data analysis. We carry out training and help our customers with more efficient testing. Labatus can offer services around many of the protocols used in IoT and has experience in testing and certification at both component and system level.

Labatus has experience working with software tests since 2005 and today offers certification tests for e.g. Conax CA, Telenor IDTV, Boxer IDTV and Tele2 IDTV.



The Labatus office is located in Ebbe Park, a newly built Science Park in Linköping

Fridtunagatan 41, 58213 Linköping